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--Pali Meursault & Thomas Tilly, "Radio glace" project, French Alps - late june to mid July -
--Thomas Tilly, concert GMEA, Albi - June 5th -
--Thomas Tilly, concert GMEA, Gaillac - June 5th -
--Thomas Tilly, concert @ Nuits couchée, Pau - May 29th -
--Thomas Tilly, concert @ Macval, Vitry sur Seine - May 17th -
--Codex amphibia, concert at Les yeux grand fermés, Geneva - May 10th - >link
-Interview published by Kaon labs/Cédric Peyronnet
--Codex amphibia, lecture at IMéRA university, Marseille with Antoine Fouquet - March 17th - >link
-Codex amphibia, concert at Mujo, Marseille - March 17th -
--Workshop at Talm school art, Angers - March 10th to 13th -
--Interview published by French Institute about Borneo field recordings project
--Thomas Tilly, concert at Dada, Toulouse (With Stéphane Marin) - February 22th- <link
--Thomas Tilly, concert at Ateliers Claus, Brussels (With Tarab and Yvan Etienne) - February 12th- <link
--Masterclass at Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, France - February 7th to 9th- <link


--Thomas Tilly & Antoine Fouquet, Codex amphibia, Concert/conference at Why not, Dijon - November 10th- <link
--From September 10th to november 05th, field work session in Bornéo, project inspired by "How forest thinks", from Eduardo Kohn
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Nuits Couchées, OARA, Bordeaux - September 6 & 7th - <link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Milieux Festival - August 30th - <link
--Field recording session with Eric La Casa, Eurockéennes de Belfort Festival - July 4th to 7th -
--OUT NOW ! A semiotic survey CD on Ferns recordings >link
--Thomas Tilly, talk at Spatialité des vivant, Université Paris Diderot 10.00 PM !, not 14.00 - April 18th - >link
--Thomas Tilly & Antoine Fouquet, ITW in Billebaude Magazine "Mondes sonores" - Out April 3th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Æntre(s) - April 6th - <link
--Lê quanh Ninh, Tiziana Bertoncini, fabrice charles, Thomas Tilly, Concert at Æntre(s) - April 6th - <link
--Thomas Tilly, Workshop at École d'art d'Angers - March 5 to 8th
--Thomas Tilly, lecture at École d'art de Nantes - February 5th --Thomas Tilly, Workshop at École d'art de Nantes- February 4 to 6th
--Thomas Tilly, Workshop at École d'art de Nantes - February 4 to 6th -
--Thomas Tilly, lecture at École d'art du Choletais- January 28th -
--Thomas Tilly, lecture at Conservatoire de Cholet - January 24th -
--Thomas Tilly, concert at Art's Birthday/Cinema Bellevaux Lausanne - January 17th >link


--Thomas Tilly & Antoine Fouquet Field research/Residency at LabEx CEBA (center for the study of biodiversity in Amazonia) - november 26th to december 25th - >link
--Thomas Tilly solo + Duet with Francisco Meirino at Humus bookstore, Lausanne - November 15th -
--Thomas Tilly, Workshop at ECAL , Lausanne - November 12 to 17th -
--Thomas Tilly & Antoine Fouquet "Codex amphibia" meeting with biology students, University Poitiers - november 9th - >link
--Thomas Tilly & Antoine Fouquet "Codex amphibia" concert conférence at Confort Moderne, Poitiers - november 8th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Exhibitronic Festival , Strasbourg - October 18th - >link
--Thomas Tilly & Antoine Fouquet "Codex amphibia" concert conférence at Césaré, Reims - october 9th - >link
--Thierry Madiot, Olivier Coupille & Thomas Tilly, "Dans la forêt de Tudor" GMEA, Albi - september 15-16th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Division Festival- July 31th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at La Déhale, Indre (fr) - July 22th -
--Thomas Tilly, Lecture at Rencontres de la création musicale internationale GMEA, Abbaye de Sylvanès - July 16th to 18th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Concerts dispersés festival (fr) - July 13th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Summerlab, St Nazaire - jully 7/8th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Tapette festival, Jallais (fr) - june 30th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Brellefest, Clisson (fr) - june 22/23/24th -h
--Thomas Tilly & Antoine Fouquet "Codex amphibia" concert conférence à Lieu Unique, Nantes - june 12th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Artist talk at "Spectre de l'audible" - june 30th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Fondation lafayette, Paris - june 2th - >link
--Thomas Tilly & Denis Chartier research residency at Ping, Nantes - May 22th to 25th-
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at De bruit et d'encre, Rouen - may 16th -
--Les contraintes de l'endroit, inauguration of the collective exhibition, Paris 8 University - may 15th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Interstice festival, Caen - may 17th - >link
--Thomas Tilly & Jean-Luc Guionnet, Concert duo at Synagogue de Delme, near Metz- may 13th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Bruits festival, Nantes - may 05th - > link
--OUT NOW !!! Jean-Luc Guionnet & Thomas Tilly "Stones, air, axioms, Delme" 2xLP, on Fragment factory & CAC synagogue de Delme >link
--OUT NOW !!! Thomas Tilly "Codex amphibia" CD, on Glistening examples >link
--OUT NOW !!! "Echos" LP by Pali Meursault, on Echos https://glisteningexamples.bandcamp.com/
--Thomas Tilly & Antoine Fouquet (CNRS GUYANE), Codex Amphibia residency at Confort Moderne, Poitiers- april 16 to 20th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Sonic Protest, Paris - march 17th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Diffusion at Quai Branly Museum, Paris - march 23th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Sonic Protest, Paris - march 17th - >link
--Thomas Tilly & students of PARIS 8 and Haute école d'art du Rhin, collaborative concert for Sonic Protest, Paris - march 16th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, PORTUGAL TOUR - february 21 to 26th - Lisboa, Porto, Braga, Porto.
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at Espace Gantner, Territoire de Belfort - february 18th - >link
--Denis Chartier & Thomas Tilly, research session, sound and polical ecology, Orleans - february 14 & 15th -
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at HS63, Brussels - january 29th -
--Workshop at Église st Merry, Paris, for Sonic Protest festival. Produced by Paris8 university and Haute école d'art du Rhin (HEAR) - january 22t to 27th - >link


--Thomas Tilly, Concert at TBA, Strasbourg - november 25th -
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at les Instants Chavirés, Paris - november 14th - >link
--Floy Krouchi et Thomas Tilly, composition for "Rail Ocean", curated by collectif MU, nuit blanche, Paris - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Concert at la Passerelle, Brest - november 04th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Meeting "art et culture en territoires ruraux", Maroilles/Le Quesnoy- october 18th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, research project "Les contraintes de l'endroit" Laboratoire d'excellence des médiations humaine/PARIS 8, Paris - october - 06th - >link
--Thierry Madiot, Olivier Coupille & Thomas Tilly, "Dans la forêt de Tudor" BPI beaubourg, Paris - september 23th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, concert at Festival Audioscèniques, Nantes - june 10th - >link
--OUT NOW !!! Aposiopese digital compilation HERE >link
--Thomas Tilly, concert at LES INSTANTS CHAVIRÉS, Paris - may 18th - CANCELLED
--Thomas Tilly, concert at Miss Rouillon, NANTES - may 11th - CANCELLED
--Thierry Madiot, Olivier Coupille & Thomas Tilly, "Dans la forêt de Tudor" concert at Lutherie Urbaine, Bagnolet - april 22th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, concert at Présence Électronique festival, 104, Paris - april 15th - >link
--Thierry Madiot, Olivier Coupille & Thomas Tilly, "Dans la forêt de Tudor" concert at le Lieu Muliple, Poitiers - april 6th -
--Thierry Madiot, Olivier Coupille & Thomas Tilly, "Dans la forêt de Tudor" residency at le Lieu Muliple, Poitiers - april 3th to 5th - >link
--Thierry Madiot & Thomas Tilly, "Dans la forêt de Tudor" workshop at les Instants Chavirés - march 13th to 17th - >link
--Jean-Luc Guionnet & Thomas Tilly, "Stones, air, axioms", concert at Nantes Cathedral - April 1rst - >link
--Thierry Madiot & Thomas Tilly, "Dans la forêt de Tudor" workshop at les Instants Chavirés, Paris - march 13th to 17th - >link

--Thomas Tilly, concert, Ferme de Quincé, BREIZH - march 10th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, artist talk at fine arts school, Bourges - february 8th and 9th -
--Thomas Tilly, concert, Semaine du son, Bordeaux - february 3rd - >link
--Thomas Tilly, artist talk, Semaine du son, Bordeaux - february 3rd -
-Thomas Tilly, private concert, Bogota, Colombia - january 28th -


--Thomas Tilly & Antoine Fouquet, "Explosive breedings" project (bioacoustic/field recording experiments), Kaw mountain, French Guiana - --from december 11th to 22th
--Thomas Tilly, concert, Saül, French Guiana - december 10th -
--Thomas Tilly, concert at Camp de la transportation, St Laurent du Maroni, French Guiana - december 7th -
--Thomas Tilly, workshop for childs, Cayenne, French Guiana - november 28th -
--Oct 25 - Workshop @ Mullae art space, SÉOUL
--Oct 26 - Workshop @ Mullae art space SÉOUL
--Oct 27 - CONCERT @ Mullae art space SÉOUL
--Nov 01 - CONCERT @ Dotollim SÉOUL
--Nov 03 - CONCERT @ Ftarri, TOKYO
--Nov 04 - Workshop @ French Institute, FUKUOKA
--Nov 05 - CONCERT @ Tetra Art Space, FUKUOKA
--Nov 07 - CONCERT @ Kitty bar, OSAKA
--Thomas Tilly, interview broacasted at national french radio France Musique - november 8th - >link
--Nov 12 - Workshop @ French institute, KYOTO
--Nov 13 - CONCERT @ Espace Eauu, KOBE
--Nov 16 - CONCERT @ Café Gaeia, KYOTO
--Nov 17 - CONCERT @ SuperDeluxe, TOKYO
--Nov 20 - CONCERT @ Art Baboo YOKOHAMA
--Thomas Tilly, concert, for France Culture radio at Nuit Blanche, Paris - october 1rst- >link
--OUT NOW !!! "Wild protest" with Junko Hiroshige, LP produced by Vent des Forêts & Emanuele Carcano (Alga Marghen) - >link
--OUT NOW !!! Test/Tone documents, CD on Drone sweet drone - >link
--Dave Phillips & Thomas Tilly, concert at Ground Zro, Lyon - Sept 16th -
--Dave Phillips & Thomas Tilly, concert at New HS63, Brussels - Sept 15th -
--Dave Phillips & Thomas Tilly, concert at Blockhaus DY10, Nantes - Sept 14th -
--Dave Phillips & Thomas Tilly, concert at Pied Nu, le Havre - Sept 13th -
--Dave Phillips & Thomas Tilly, residency at Carré Bleu, Poitiers - Sept 10th to 12th -
--Thomas Tilly, concert at Art & Ecology meeting, la Pommerie Lachaud - August 26th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, concert at Echos festival - july 3th - >link
--Thomas Tilly & Dave Phillips, concert at Bruisme Festival, Poitiers - june 25th - >link
--L'Échelle de Mohs, concert at Ateliers de Bitche, Nantes - june 18th - >link
--L'Échelle de Mohs, concert at les Instants chavirés, Paris - june 17th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, concert, Aposiopese, Brussels - june 12th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, concert, Blurred Edges festival, Hamburg - june 12th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, concert, DIFFUSIO, Angers - june 08th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, concert, "La vie dans les plis", collaborative project at Pépète Lumière Festival - may 29th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, concert, site study at Pépète Lumière Festival - may 27th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, concert, Lieu Unique, Nantes (with Maurice Louca, Dwarf of east agouza, Sublime frequencies Dj's) - february 11th - >link
-Thomas Tilly, concert, le GRIGRI, Nantes - january 22th - >link
--Online, Franck Dubois's collaborative project "Correspondances" (with Amélie BERSON, Fr (Paris) - Sébastien BOUHANA, Fr (Saou) - Lucio .....CAPECE, Arg (Berlin) -Xavier-CHARLES, Fr (Pont-de-Barret) - Werner DAFELDECKER, Aut (Berlin) - Fred FRITH, Uk (Basel) -Jean-Luc GUIONNET,Fr (Paris) - Andrey KIRITCHENKO, Ukr (Kharkiv) - Éric LA CASA, Fr (Paris) - Seijiro MURAYAMA, Jap (Tokyo) - Bj NILSEN, Swe (Amsterdam), Thomas ...TILLY, Fr (Nantes). >link
--Online, Jeremy young's collaborative project "Chants beneath of the furnace brooks" (125 sound artists involved) >link


--Thomas Tilly, concert, le Terminus, Rennes - november 29th - infos soon...
--Thomas Tilly, concert, la Debasserie - november 28th - infos soon...
--Thomas Tilly, concert, set 30', Nantes- november 27th - infos soon...
--Thomas Tilly, concert, Basel - november 26th - infos soon...
--Thomas Tilly, concert at ODL, Mulhouse - november 24th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, lecture at Mulhouse fine arts school - november 23th -
--Thomas Tilly, concert at Standard Akouphène festival, Geneva - november 22th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, concert/installation at Standard Deluxe, Lausanne - november 21th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Trois niveaux de lecture d'un territoire, concert/diffusion/conference at la Pommerie - november 01st - >link
--OUT NOW, Framework 500 compilation >link
--Junko Hiroshige et Thomas Tilly, in situ works at Vent des forêts event - june 29th to July 11th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Script Geometry, concert/diffusion at Écouter pour l'instant festival, Dordogne - july 03th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, solo concert at Écouter pour l'instant festival, Dordogne - july 02nd - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Script Geometry, concert/diffusion at l'Atelier, Évreux - june 17th- >link
--Raphaël Ilias et Thomas Tilly, Non Topology, in situ concert at jardin C, Nantes - june 13th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, residency and workshop in Saül village (french Guiana) - from april 29th to june 5th -
--GGGGUTTS project at Théatre international de Bouxwiller - april 24th -
--Jean-Luc Guionnet et Thomas Tilly, "Stones, air, axioms", guided tour of the installation at CAC DELME - april 19th - >link
--Jean-Luc Guionnet et Thomas Tilly, lecture at Paris XIII about "Stones, air, axioms", curated by Matthieu Saladin - april 16th -
--L'Échelle de Mohs, concert at café du boulevard, Melle - april 2nd -
--L'Échelle de Mohs, concert at le Terminus, Rennes (with Lussuria) - april 1st
--Thomas Tilly, Script Geometry, concert/diffusion for Aposiopese @ Deacharge (with Marc Baron et Yvan Étienne), Brussels -
.- February 25th >link
--Installation : Jean-Luc Guionnet & Thomas Tilly,
"Stones, Air, Axioms / DELME", Delme art center (France) -
.- From february 13th to late may - >link
--Thomas Tilly,
Script Geometry, concert/diffusion at Orléanoïde festival, Orléans - february 03th -


--Residency at la Pommery - October - >link
--Thomas Tilly,
Concert (creation) at Densités Festival, Fresne en Woevre (with Laura Altman. Pierre Berthet. Monika Brooks.
--Christian Chiron. Fernand Deroussen. Jacques Di Donato. Kevin Drumm. Isabelle Duthoit. Bruno Fleurence. Hélène Gehin.
--Vinko Globokar. Ivan Gruselle. Steve Gander. Thomas Guérineau. John Hegre. Yannick Herpin. Werner Klüppelholz. Céline Larrère.
--Jason Lescalleet. Eivind Lonning. Magda Mayas. Roméo Monteiro. Nicolas Nageotte. Marc Namblard. Jean Pallandre. Marc Pichelin.)
--october 24th and 25th - >link
--Thomas Tilly,
Script Geometry, concert/diffusion at nuit des chercheurs, Metz - september 26th - >link
--Thomas Tilly,
Script Geometry, concert/diffusion at museum of Approuague/Kaw Régina, French Guiana - september 20th -
--Recording sessions, Brasil and French Guiana - september 8th to 17th -
--Working on the music of "Hurricane", film by Cyril Barbançon - august 1rst to September 4 -

-L'Échelle de mohs
--OUT NOW !!!, le Cébron/Statics and sowers, new lp on Aussenraum records
-Thomas Tilly, Script Geometry, concert/diffusion at French National museum of natural history, Paris - june 14 - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Workshop at Vu d'un oeuf asso - june 5th to 7th -
--Thomas Tilly, In situ concert/diffusion at Eclectic Campagne art festival (with Antoine Choplin, Drôles de Drames, Tar Falfán & la compars,
--Valentin Ferré, Sophie-Charlotte Gautier, Les Hauts Plateaux, Les Instants Vidéos, Leena Kela, Anne Loubet, Michel Mandel, Duo Mandel/Gerbelot,
--Benoît Ménéboo, Jean Léon Pallandre, Marc Mercier et Jean-jacques Blanc, Télénomade, Williams Thery, Capucine Vever, Schéhérazade
--Zambrano) - may 24 - >link
--OUT NOW !!!, Script Geometry On Aposiopese records, as a 2xLP + CD >Link -----------
--Thomas Tilly / Dave Phillips, field recording duet at festival SONOR (with Eric Cordier playing Osorezan)- april 12th- >link
--Thomas Tilly,
Invited at the radio program l'Atelier du Son, France culture - april 11th- >link soon
--Thomas Tilly, Workshop at Vu d'un oeuf asso - march 29th/30th -
--Thomas Tilly, Workshop at Vu d'un oeuf asso - february 28th / march 1rst -
--Thomas Tilly, Script Geometry at Cable festival, Nantes -
--NINH (fr), OLIVIA ROSENTHAL (fr), GUY SHERWIN & LYNN LOO (gb), SPOO (fr), STAER (nor), SUBUTEX SOCIAL CLUB (fr)- february 23th - >link

--Thomas Tilly, Concert at centre culturel libertaire, Lille (with Will Guthrie, Bi-Ki?, dj dirty Berlin) - february 9th - >link

--Thomas Tilly, Mediation Residency (PEAC Mormal/Maroilles/Quercitain), north of France. Coordinated by la chambre d'eau - From january --13th to Late may - >link

--Thomas Tilly, Concert at la Chambre d'eau - january 17th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Workshop at Vu d'un oeuf asso - january 11th/12th -


--Thomas Tilly, Workshop at Vu d'un oeuf asso - november 15th/16th -
--Thomas Tilly, Cables & Signs, concert/diffusion at Confluence, théatre de Paris (with Joachim Montessuis, Vidéophage, Fred Nogray, Storm -- - --Varx, Kassel Jaeger & Discipline, Stephan Mathieu )- october 13th - >link
--Thomas Tilly, Conference and listening session at Fête de la science, French National Museum of Natural History, Paris - october 13th
--Thomas Tilly, Script Geometry, concert/diffusion at le 102, Grenoble - october 02nd - >link soon
-OUT NOW : Hear & Now, artists interviews - Book + CD - Pure Presence/Swarming - >link

-Script Geometry, Concert/diffusion of the project, Festival Bruisme at le Confort Moderne, Poitiers (with Xavier Charles, Erik M & Michel
..Doneda, Kill the Vultures, Mire, Spoo, Offrande, Pied Gauche, Wabla, Api Uiz, Sophie Agnel, One lick Less, Condemned_Bulbs) - june 29th - >link
.-Script Geo
metry Workshop, David Tudor's rainforest IV, Festival Bruisme at le Confort Moderne, Poitiers - june 24th to 28th - >link

-OUT NOW : Close to the pipes, with J-L Guionnet - CDR LTD available at audiomat, Krakow >link
.-Stones, air, axioms, with Jean-Luc Guionnet,
Residency and concert at Avant Avant Garde Festival, Krakow - june 17th to 22th - >link
-Script Geometry, Concert/diffusion of the project, Festival Less playboy is more cowboy at le Confort Moderne, Poitiers -(with Sonic Boom, ..David ..Evrard/Spirit of Ectasy, I.U.D, Peter Kernel, Gull, Chausse Trappe, la Femme, Sleaford mods, J-C Satan, Cool A.D, Duchess Says, Camilla
..Sparks, Civil Civic, Rich Aucoin... - june 07th -
-Script Geometry, Residency at le Confort Moderne, Poitiers - may 21th to June 3rd -
.-Script Geometry Act III : Catalogue, Diffusions by Thomas Tilly : works of David Tudor, Yannick Dauby, Slavek Kwi, Douglas Quin, David Dunn,
--David Toop - Lieu Multiple, Poitiers May 05th 18h30 - >link - Script Geometry >link
--L'Échelle de Mohs, Live at Soirée de la tête noire, Poitiers (with le Lobe, Yet, Nicolas Brassard, le Collectif) - May 3rd -
.-Thomas Tilly, Live at Le Terminus, Rennes (with Dave Phillips, Malass) -april 14th, 19h-
-Script Geometry Act II : Dave Phillips (concert, live field recordings) / Amandine Gasc (conference) - curated by Thomas Tilly -
--Carré Bleu
/ Jazz à Poitiers >event link >project link
--Script Geometry : Recording session at Nouragues station, french Guiana -from february 28th to march 29th- >station link >project link
--Angle fermé, field recording piece broadcasted on Websynradio, curated by Rodolphe Alexis -from February 21th- >link
--Thomas Tilly, live at plateforme Intermedia APO33, Nantes -February 22th- >link
--Script Geometry Act I : Eric la casa (conference) / Marc namblard (concert) - curated by Thomas Tilly - Lieu Multiple, Poitiers
--february 04th >link - Script Geometry >link
--Jeux de notes, electroacoustic piece for childs for the exhibition of Hervé Tullet, Dans la lune / Tinqueux - inauguration on february 8th >link
--8 composantes, sound installation at Centre national de création musicale Césaré, Reims - artist talk with students of ESAD -January 31th-
--Thomas Tilly, live at Centre national de création musicale Césaré, Reims -January 30th- >link
--8 composantes, sound installation at Centre national de création musicale Césaré, Reims - inauguration -January- 30th >link
--8 composantes, sound installation at Centre national de création musicale Césaré, Reims - artist talk with students of lycée Jean Jaurès
...January 28th- >link


--OUT NOW : Nantes is Noise, various cd with Keith Rowe, Formanex, Wehwalt, Jérôme Joy, Antony Taillard, Jenny Pickett, Clinch, Luc Kerleo,
--Semantik, Mathias Delplanque, Julien Ottavi, Thomas Tilly, Morosphynx, Dominique Leroy
.-SAA texts and maps published in the book Making the walls quake as if they dilating with the secret knowledge of gret power, by Michal
--Libera and Lidia Klein - Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Poland 2012 >Book link - >SAA project link
.-Thomas Tilly, Live at HS63 -September 27th- Brusells >link
-Thomas Tilly, Live at Phonophon, organized by Gruenrekorder -September 22th- Frankfurt >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Diffusion for Audible Festival at Théâtre de l'échangeur (with Francisco Merino, Robin Fox) -September 21th- Bagnolet >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Live at Atelier de l'Étoile -September 20th- Besançon >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Live at Météo Festival (with Lasse Marhaug solo, Zoor, trio Agnel/Noble/Edwards, Kathy Faller and the Alsace 68)
.-August 24th- Mulhouse >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Workshop at Météo Festival -August 21 to 25- Mulhouse >link !!Cancelled!!
.-Thomas Tilly, Château des ducs de Bretagne (creation, diffusion) -July 7th 20h- Nantes >link
.-Continuum (L'abri de défense passive), s
ound pieces presented at Lieux possibles 3 -Bordeaux >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Cables & Signs presented at Sonor Festival, from may 2th to 13th, Nantes >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Text for "Sound of Europe", online project initiated by QO2, Brussels >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Live at f-o-r-m-e-s, Angers -april 14th- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Workshop at f-o-r-m-e-s, Angers -april 12, 13, 14- >link
.-Stones, air, axioms, reviews here >link
.-Stones, air, axioms, broadcasted on France musique >podcast link
.-OUT NOW : new cd on Circum Helix. In collaboration with Jean-Luc Guionnet, "Stones, air, axioms" -February 1rst >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Diffusion (Câbles & Signs) at Apo33, Nantes -Electropixel festival with Zwannei, Nozal cube, Lafidki, Vincent Malassis,
--Zara White noise (aymeric De Tapol, Julien Ottavi) october 8th- >link

.-Thomas Tilly, Live at Lieu Unique, Nantes -Câble invite Câble- with Keith Rowe, Jérôme Noetinger, Will Guthrie, AV2, À... (Erell Latimier &
--Thomas Chatard), Julien Quentel -January 28th- >link
--"Cinquième saison", Sound Piece for child's for the exhibition
"Cinq Saisons" Centre de création pour l'enfance, Reims/Tinqueux >link


.-L'Échelle de mohs & Thomas Chatard at Total Meeting festival, Tours -december 10th- >link
.-Moniker, a film by Sam Boche, music by Thomas Tilly diffusion at Lieu Unique, Nantes -december 8th- >link
.-L'Échelle de mohs & Thomas Chatard at la Bascule, Rennes -october 16th- >link
.-L'Échelle de mohs & Thomas Chatard at l'Ancien Hopital, Le Mans -october 15th-
.-L'Échelle de mohs & Thomas Chatard at le Zinc, Poitiers-october 14th-
.-L'Échelle de mohs & Thomas Chatard at M Z asso, Limoges -october 13th-
.-L'Échelle de mohs & Thomas Chatard at le 102, Grenoble -october 12th- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Live at Simultan Festival, Timisoara -Romania -october 8th- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Live at l'Agrippa festival, France -june 24th and 25th ->link
.-Thomas Tilly, Artist talk at Isabelle Gounod gallery (with Loïc Blairon and Philip Samartzis), Paris -18h, june 16 >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Installation at Les instants chavirés for Parisonic 2011, Paris (with Marc Baron, Mélanie Berger, Loïc Blairon, Dominique Blais,
.-Charlotte Charbonnel, Yannick Dauby, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Luc Kerléo, Eric La Casa, Rainier lericolais, Nicolas Maigret, Nicolas Montgermont, Cedric
.-Peyronnet, Phillippe F. Roux, Anthea Caddy, Alice Hui seng chang, Rosalind Hall, Camillia Hannan, Marcia jane, Lizzie Poggson, Kristian Roberts, Geoff .-Robinson, Phillip Samartzis, Thembi soddel, Tarab/Eamon Sprod) -From june 4th to june 26th- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Sound art Workshop at IUT/GIM (industrial engineering school), Châlons en Champagne -may 16th to 22th-
.-Thomas Tilly, Diffusion at Confort Moderne, Poitiers (with Jérome Poret, Jérome Noetinger) -may 11th- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Live at Topofon/Y gallery
(with Patrick Mc Ginley, Ignaz Schick), Tartu - Estonia -may 5th- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Diffusion and artist talk at Helikoosolek, Estonian national museum, Tartu - Estonia -april 27th- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Residency at Moks art center, Estonia -from april 16th to may 6th- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Live at Zacheta art gallery, Warsaw -april 15th- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Workshop at Zacheta art gallery, Warsaw -from april 9th to 11th- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Live at Raum20, Berlin -april 7th 2011- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Workshop at Kunstencentrum Signe, Heerlen (NL) -april 3rd 2011- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Live at Kunstencentrum Signe, Heerlen (NL) -april 2nd 2011- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, Live at Muzzix Festival, Lille (with John Edwards, Tony Bevan, Mark Sanders, The opposite) -april 1rst 2011- >link
.-Thomas Tilly, radio show at "Pediluv" radio campus Paris. Interview + diffusion -february 13th, 20h30- >link
.-Cables & Signs (ten underwater field recordings), new reviews->link -online here>-
.-L'Échelle de mohs & Thomas Chatard at Cable Festival, Nantes (Thomas Ankersmit, Christophe Cardoen & Marc Pichelin,
..john wall, Basile Ferriot & Emmanuel Rabu, chausse trappe, john duncan, sudden infant, eRikm & Anthony Pateras, clinch, DJ satok, arthur narcy,
..france sauvage, Martin Brandlmayr, Bogan Ghost, damien schultz, artemisia absinthium) -february 19th 2011- >link


-Thomas Tilly/TÔ "Insectile" New piece for sound delta, FIAC 2010 -october 21th-
-Thomas Tilly/TÔ Radio Show at Epsilonia -october 21th- >Link

-Diffusion at Le 102, Grenoble : Bruit de la Bande #2 (paysages sonores) - october 19th-
.-Mickael Prime, Chris Watson, Marc Nemblard, Thomas Tilly >Link
-Thomas Tilly/TÔ Continuum (l'abri de défense passive) Sound Installation -from sept 18, Lorient- >link -online here>-
.-OUT NOW : Thomas Tilly/TÔ CABLES & SIGNS (TEN UNDERWATER FIELD RECORDINGS) CD on fissür. Distribution Metamkine >link
.-OUT NOW : L'Échelle de Mohs/Solar Skeletons Split LP Distribution Metamkine >link

.-OUT NOW :, Magnetic Trace compilation cd feat. Marc Baron, Loïc Blairon, Anthea Caddy, Marcia Jane, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Camilla Hannan,
..Eric La Casa, Cédric Peyronnet, Geoff Robinson, Philip Samartzis, Thembi Soddel, Eamon Sprod, Thomas Tilly.
..Swarming edition, distribution Metamkine >link
.-Thomas Tilly/TÔ Live at Bruisme Festival, Poitiers ( with Francisco Lopez, Seijro Murayama, Eric Cordier, Big + Kasper Toeplitz, Christine Sehnaoui, --Rossignol Génocide, Pascal Battus, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Éric Brochard, Cécile Loyer, Olivier Benoît...) -june 24th to 26th 2010- >link
-Thomas Tilly/TÔ Live field recording device at Sanzay Castle (France, dept 79) -june 19th 2010- >informations
-online here>-
.-L'Échelle de mohs Live at Trinitaires, Metz (with Keiji haino and Eric Cordier) -june 8th 2010- soon at >link
.-Thomas Tilly/TÔ Live at Observatori Festival, Valencia (with Bruce Gilbert, Giancarlo Toniutti, Jacob Kirkegaard, Matt Shoemaker, Henrik ......
--Rylander, Yan Jun, scumearth) -may 7th 2010- >link
.-Thomas Tilly/TÔ Live at Parisonic Festival, Paris -may 1st 2th 2010- >link
.-"STONES, AIR, AXIOMS", creation with Jean-Luc Guionnet. At Lieu multiple, Poitiers -april 20th 2010- Micro clima festival >link -online here>-
.-"Je te pique une frite" on ARTE RADIO (search at /créations/sonores) >link

.-L'Échelle de mohs Live at Péniche Excelsior, Le Mans march 15th 2010 >

.-WEB EDITION, "Contreforme Ligne A" online >link

-OUT NOW !!!!! Framework 250th compilation 4 cd's >link

-Thomas Tilly/TÔ Live at Cable festival, Nantes february 19th 2010 >link
.-L'Échelle de mohs Live at la Bascule, Rennes february 6th 2010 >link
.-L'Échelle de mohs Live at la Malterie, Liles february 5th 2010 >link

.-Thomas Tilly/TÔ Live at Lieu multiple, Poitiers junuary 23th 2010 >link

-L'Échelle de Mohs Live at Carré Bleu, Poitiers junuary 21th 2010 >link

-Thomas Tilly/TÔ Live at Sonikas Festival, Madrid october 25th >link
.-New piece on Framework Radio : featuring eric cordier, michael snow, tom mansell, and framework250 tracks by peter cusack, Thomas Tilly/TÔ,
--rie nakajima, chris watson. >Link