le Cébron/statics ans sowers
<LP , Aussenraum records 2014>

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Script Geometry
<2xLP + CD, Aposiopese 2014>

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Close to the pipes
With Jean-Luc Guionnet

<cdr, ltd Audiomat 2013>

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Stones, air, axioms
With Jean-Luc Guionnet

<cd Circum disc/helix 2012>

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Cables & Signs
(ten underwater field recordings)

<cd Fissür 2010>

Ten pieces of unidentified recordings of aquatic plants and insects.

U.N.A (unconscious nocturnal activity)

<mini cdr Cook an egg 2008>

Sounds and found objects manipulations recorded during
4 nights on a beach of Ré island (France) in August 2005.


<cd Césaré 2007>

Etazma is made out
of sounds used in

Elaeis Guineensis

<cdr Fissür 2005>

Recordings for this work have been carried out during a two month trip in guinea. Inspired by nature and animism rites, it's a non documentary vision of a land, propelled by the loss of cultural reference points.Composed and mixed at Césaré studio.

Memory of(f)
<cdr Fissür 2004>

Memory of(f) is made of comings and goings between two spaces in a same place :my grandmo- ther's village located in the eastern part of France. One is closed,an attic,the other is open,it's a forest. These two spaces were special places of game during my childhood.For four days,i recorded sounds from these environments as well as improvised sequen-ces made from materials found around.



<mini cdr SavoirFaire53 2002>


<cdr Fissür 2001>
  L'Échelle de Mohs (with Fabrice Favriou and Claire Bergerault)  

L'Échelle de Mohs / Solar skeletons

<Splt LP, Theatre rec, Bruits de fonds,
Aïnu, Saucisses lentilles, Migouri>


Thomas Tilly <Mycelial path>
Framework 500
<3xcd Framework 2015> link


Thomas Tilly <Inverted field>
<book + cd Swarming/Pure presence 2013> link

Thomas Tilly <Étude pour électronique et enregsitrements>
Nantes is noise
<cd fibbr 2013> link

Thomas Tilly et Jean-Luc Guionnet
<SAA texts>
Making the walls quake as if they were
dilating with the secret knowledge of great powers

<book Zacheta gallery 2011> link

Thomas Tilly <Room Field excerpt>
Magnetic Trace, a survey of french and australian sound art
<cd swarming 2010> link


Thomas Tilly <For Julien>
Framework 250 compilation
<4cd Framework 2010> link


Thomas Tilly/Tô <Document/Vardim island, Bulgaria>
Compost & height
<Compost & height first celebration compilation 2009>

Tô <Ashes tapes>
V/A Dérives 

<cd Univers international 2008 >

Tô <Le passe muraille>
Compost & height

Tô < le crock st laurent >
V/A Autumn Soundscape
<Mandorla netlabel 2007 >
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Tô < bruits de trois états >
V/A thrombose  

<cd Thrombose 2004 >